Tundra and Skandic spring upgrade


These springs are stiffer then stock and have been tested having gone thru #ell and back with no failures or damage in the wild terrain of the Big Land.

XU chassis sleds with LTS strut-style front suspension.

2010+ Tundra, Tundra Sport, Tundra LT, Tundra Extreme. 550F, 600ACE and 600Etec engines.

2011+ Skandic WT/SWT 550F, 600ACE 900 ACE and 600Etec engines.

This is what test rider Mark Simms had to say about the spring upgrade.

“Having put some kms on the springs last year, I only have positive things to say. I’ve posted my thoughts/review earlier so this is more of a follow up. I have the springs out on the bench and they look great. The blue powder coat from Hyperco is nice and tough. I just examined some Hyperco springs that were ran on a coilover in Cains Quest last year…hardly even a scratch!! We were worried that the pressed section (spring retainer)on the shock tube wouldn’t hold the extra force from the heavier springs, but no issues there. “Break in” or decreased performance was pretty much not detectable…they are just as strong now as they were a couple thousand kms ago. I can feel the lack of a good shock, but they are still alot better than stock. The stock shocks haven’t failed at all. There has been zero rebound damage or over extension. Nothing but positive things on this upgrade…and well worth the money. ”

Price $80 per spring plus hst and s/h 

 To purchase visit 


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  1. Are these available for 2018 skandic swt 900 ace

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