Shock service


Freeride shocks with 2000 kms of use. Initial inspection* clean outside, no signs of oil leaks, no damage, compression is ok but not full, rebound is weak.

Rebuild process* nitrogen pressure is 9.65 bar which is less then half of what is specified. Oil appears to be contaminated with water and sludge due to seal breakdown and other impurities.

This goes to show that shocks with a season of use need to have a thorough cleaning inside and the fluids changed. A typical service charge on these particular shocks is $40 plus additional parts if needed.
Replacement of these shocks is close to $1500. Servicing and setup of your suspension maintains proper working order. Shocks that are too “soft” will heat up or boil depending on quality of oil. The effects of this is seal failure and ultimately a rough and discouraging ride.

Next, I will service brand new shocks that have never been used. The results will be shocking to say the least.



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