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  1. Looking for a price on some front springs 2012 Tundra 550LT , 2013 Tundra Extreme 600 ETEC. and a 2014 Skandic SWT 600 ETEC . I use all three on my Trapline and like to improve their handling. Thanks

    • Good evening Don, pricing as follows.
      $69.99 per spring. Yes adding these springs will improve handling and travel height. Currently out of stock, springs will be available in fall of 2014.

    • Hi, recently came across you product and have read nothing but good things. I have a 2015 skandic 900ace wt, and would be interested in learning more about a whole suspension upgrade. Cost wise and what it all entails. Would be interested in starting with upgrading the pogos first.

      • Hi Jordan,

        Great question. Very common for customers to start with the springs upfront. Increased ride height. Sled more predictable in the bumps leading to more confidence for the rider. The front shocks (rebuildable) I developed compliment the springs. How it works is the spring aids to the ride height and the shock controls the rising and falling rate of the front end.

        The rear shocks “SCU5” are fully rebuildable piggyback and have external compression adjuster. The rear shock is a much larger diameter body. All shocks are customer built to rider and cargo specifications. Also every part to produce the shocks are built in house using materials from the USA.

        Thanks for your question


  2. I am also looking for some springs for a 2011 ski doo tundra do you have your shipment of springs yet?

    thanks jerry

  3. gilbert huntington

    Thanks for getting back about the Skandik spring. Post office is best for shipping. My address is
    Gilbert Huntington
    P.O. Box 264
    Galena, Alaska 99741

  4. Hello…looking to upgrade from stock front springs on a 2015 skandic wt 900ace with pogo’s

  5. Charles Gladding

    Good morning my name is Charles Gladding I am the Director of Equipment Maintenance at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California we purchased 12 2015 Skandic 900 ACE this year the front springs seem to be under rated for the machine do you have an upgrade for this model

    • Good morning Charles,

      I’ve sold lots of springs in the extreme climates, such as Alaska, Labrador, Sweden and Norway. There is currently no springs in stock. I’m anticipating delivery on my next order of springs in February. Price per spring is $75.00 cdn funds.

      What I’m doing now is taking customers info and contacting them asap when I get the springs. I can add you to the list if you wish.

      Seasons greetings!

      Scott Marley
      Revel Suspension Technology
      Wyevale Ontario
      L0L 2T0

    • Good morning, xu springs available. Click on my store link on website to purchase.

    • Hi Charles,

      Do you have any interest with upgrading your skandic front shocks? If you do, contact me asap as I have a limited quantity available in July.

  6. good day i am looking to get a set of springs for front suspension for my skandic 600 ace …please let me know if you have any available , where i can send payment ….thank you

  7. When do you expect to have more of the heavy duty front suspension springs for the Tundras available? I am in the Arctic of Alaska. Many of the tundras here break the front pogos at the weld on the cross tube. I was hoping that stiffer springs would keep the suspension from bottoming out and maybe save the work of having to replace the front suspension crossbar. Thanks.

    • Hi Ty, good question!

      I’m expecting more springs and shocks within 4 weeks. This shock and spring package are a must with the XU strut assembly. To add more control, comfort and resistance to bottoming I have developed shocks for the strut assembly. These shocks are the real deal, high pressure gas rebuildable take apart shocks built and designed in the USA. Only using native materials aswell.

      Thanks for the question.

    • Ty. Check out revelsuspensio More springs and shocks are now available.

  8. Will you be making another run of front shocks for the Tundra Xu platform?


  9. Hi, i have a tundra extrême 2012. Need front spring 100 lbs. Do you have in stok? Tanks. D. Dubois.

  10. Hello got referred to you, looking to get 4-Arctic cat Fox shocks rebuilt and relvalved? CFR800 rear suspension is too soft plus my weight doesn’t help wondering if you can help stiffn it up

  11. good day, can you please help me choose with rear shock and ski shock that fits skidoo expedition sport, email

  12. is there anything in the way of a piggy back shock (rear shock)i can get for the skandic 900 ace ?

  13. Are them skandic wt /swt front springs in ur catalog the new type , stronger then the ones that come with the ski doo’s ?

  14. Want to buy shocks and springs for my 2014 SKANDIC ETEC

  15. I would like to put your shocks on my swt 2017 but will be the advantages

    • Hi Martin, the advantages that upgrading your suspension is (confidence). Confidence in obtaining a premium product built only using north American material. Confidence in you, being able to do more and push the limits of your sled. Lastly you’ll have more fun with peace of mind.

  16. you were recomended to us by Zbroz racing. We have 2017 assault 144’s. we bought the 39 inch control arms, and the shocks apparently have to have a spacer installed in them. Whats the turn around time for this procedure. 705 789 7166

  17. Hi I have a 2019 switchback assault and I would like to narrow the stance. I was wondering if you could do this and make whatever adjustments need to be made to my Vance n Hines needle shocks or if I would need to buy new shocks for this

  18. Hi looking for a z bros left (clutch side) upper a arm for my 2017 polaris pro rmk. I live in Fournier Ontario
    Let me know if you have that.
    613 297-8485

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